Client: 5 Star River Lodge
Project Type: Design & Construction

Designed to Inspire

The aim has been to create an architecturally distinct, first class, high quality, sustainable design that will provide an inviting, dignified and environmentally conscious image reflecting the values and status of Eco Tourism. Key parameters considered under this aspect are; Symbolism, Scale, Harmony, Unity and balance.

 The strong building form evolved is inspired and abstracted from two key parameters; Key function of the Restaurant as a destination for Tourists willing to be in contact with the flora and fauna of the region and the need to accommodate a conference aspect as a secondary operation to the Resort. These parameters have been abstracted as follows;

 The main Resort assumes the “V” shape. This shape fits well to site allowing maximum views from the rooms to the river. The shape also symbolizes invitation from the stretched arms to the people arriving from a boat cruise. The “V” shape converges at the entrance/reception point of the Resort and opens up on access from this reception into a framed expansive river view as seen from the Food/Leisure courtyard.

The Conference facility on the other hand assumes the “I” shape strategically connected to the “V” shape at the point of convergence hence sharing the same reception. The Conference is clearly defined so as not to disrupt the main operation of the Resort, which is tourism. The juxtaposition of these two forms results into a “Y” form hence our design.

Tectura Projects: 5 Star River Lodge
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