Client: Bank of Africa
Project Type: Design & Construction

Designed to Inspire

The design concept was generated by looking at the Bank of Africa as an organisation that is looking to cover all of Africa hence the African continent was symbolically transformed into a building form. The form is bold and stretches the limits to showcase Bank of Africa’s ambitions of being the leading bank in Africa. The building has a modern treatment to celebrate Africa’s ambition to be the next frontier and to give Africa’s interpretation of what modern Africa should aspire to.

The heart of the building contains a roof top garden that allows for the planting of trees as well as having the majority of the offices having an outlook onto this communal garden. The garden will be used for social events, a place to eat lunch, an after-work hangout spot and a meeting place. All this will enhance the working experience of the bank of Africa employees to create for a better working environment.

Tectura Projects: Bank of Africa
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