Client: Fairgrounds Mall
Project Type: Design & Construction

Designed to Inspire

This is a vibrant mixed land-use activity area to encourage a combination of innovative and creative architectural building designs, such as perimeter buildings, tower blocks and podium buildings interfacing streets, parks, recreation areas, courtyards and plazas all linked by networks of pedestrian corridors. 

A mixed land-use development strategy has been adopted in creating a vibrant and sustainable urban development environment. It is expected that this strategy will achieve beneficial results such as reduced transportation cost of travelling, effective and optimum use of infrastructure services, densification of developments, etc. 

The primary land uses include a hotel, varied apartment accommodation, a gymnasium/ fitness and wellness center, a cinema, local open spaces, recreational parks, roads and boulevards, parkades, surface and underground parking, a network of pedestrian corridors conference and exhibition halls, outdoor trade fair exhibition, Amusement Parks, Mini Mall, offices and retail, residential apartments and future administrative offices for Fairground Holdings.

Tectura Projects: Fairgrounds Mall
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